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How to order big quantity after sample approved
2015-11-11 00:57:23

Firstly,we are glad to know your are satisfied with TOFINE motorized ball valves,we will continue to provide the correct valves with the good quality and most economical price,
We thanks for your support,our sales has been increasing year by year,our TOFINE motorized ball valves(electric actuated ball valves) has been more and more popular used in various automatic control system( home automation,industry ect),

1) Please contact us via Email : sales@flow-controls.com and tell us you want to buy more valves ,and the valve specs is.... (Model, Size,Material,Voltage and Wiring),you can find the specs easily on the lable of the electric actuator,
For example,see below picture:

The content circled in the red line includes Model name and Part number,it will let us know the exact configuration you ordered,and then please rest assured you will obtain the exact same valves as samples with these info only.

Let us take above picture as an sample:
Model: TOFINE-THA20T (it means the model name is TOFINE-THA20T)
Part number: A20-T15-S2-C CR3 03-AC24V  (it means the valve configuration is 2-way Motorized ball valves, Size: 1/2", Material: Stainless steel, Voltage: AC24V,Wiring: CR3 03, no manual override,with visual indicator)
Please kindly note that the ID number will be various based on different batch,
15 mm is 1/2"
20 mm is 3/4"
25 mm is 1"
"S" means Stainless steel.
"C" means no manual override,with visual indicator, more info you could also visit our website :http://www.flow-controls.com/news/What-the-part-number-Label-will-be-for-TOFINE-valves-57.html

2) After receiving your Email,we will check our TOFINE Customer Records System and then we will double check the exact configuration you have purchased,these will give more guarantee you get the same valves as samples both in quality and price.Meanwhile,we also have TOFINE Customer Delivery System,your delivery address and phone number has been saved in this system,so if you ordered the valves before you do not need to tell us your delivery address any more,because we can find it easily in our system.this will avoid wrong delivery address and ensure you will get the valves in time.

3) Of course,it will be no problem if you want to change the valve specs,like Size,Material,Voltage and Wiring etc,

4) Just like before,once valves shipped we TOFINE will send you tracking number immediately,so that you can know where is the valves and when you can receive the valves.
For bulk order quantity,I recommend using DHL,because we have been cooperating with DHL for more than 9 years,we can get very low price because of our large shipments every month.

Any questions you could contact us: sales@flow-controls.com, TOFINE is always on your side.

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