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TOFINE-THA20T multiple wirings options
2019-06-18 22:28:56

Some wirings with *auto return feature (NO or NC),some wiring with no auto return feature,some wirings with *signal feedback,some wirings with no signal feedback,
Some clients like auto return/spring return),some clients do not like it,

Auto return feature: valves will auto return to open or close when power is removed,available in Normally closed type (NC) or Normally open type (NO),
Normally closed: Valve open with Power,valve close with no power,
Normally open:  Valve close with Power,valve open with no power.

Without auto return feature: Power to open,Power to close,when power is removed,the valve will stay in current position(will not auto return)

If you need signal feedback please select 5-wire or 7-wire

If you do not like auto return feature,we will recommend the wirings without this feature.

Any questions please contact Amy via Email: sales@flow-controls.com, 

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