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These equipement are from our approved factory,With our TOFINE experienced technology,scientific manufacturing management and strict testing control,our model TOFINE-THA20T,TOFINE-THA100T,TOFINE-CWX15Q/25S,TOFINE-TCM30P,TOFINE-WLD806/807 must brings you the best quality,the most economical cost and most successful cooperation results,

Best Quality: Our motorized valves are thoroughly tested to ensure cosistent good quality with every batch.We have been in the valve field for more than 20 years,our TOFINE technicians who are specialized in technology,manufacturing and testing will take good care of your orer,under the strict control of TOFINE team in the factory,you will be getting the best result out of our TOFINE valves.

Economical cost:All the valves are made directly by our approved factory,with the management of our TOFINE team,you will be getting the high performance & price ratio valves and stable quality will go through your different batch order.

Testing&After-sale service: All the valves must be tested and guaranteed by our TOFINE teams,you will get the good quality products,fast delivery and excellent after-sale service.

We using the automation equipments to reduce the manufacturer cost and guarantee you get the stable quality valves.
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Advanced Technology and latest manufacture equipements guarantee you will get the best result out of our products,
Should you require any additional info,please do not hesitate to contact Amy via Email: sales@flow-controls.com