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TOFINE goal is to furnish the high quaity motorized ball valves/electric actuated ball valves at competitive price,fast delivery and excellent service.

No Time Difference Service ,  Only from China TOFINE (www.flow-controls.com), Considering our selling market is worldwide,the working time of each manager is adjusted according to our clients time, you can contact us at your working time, amzaing? It is true,why not contact us to have a try? Email: sales@flow-controls.com

Fast delivery Door-to-door,   Since we have been cooperating with DHL or other freight forwarders,we are in a position to get the lowest shipping cost while maintaining the fast speed,what is more,this lowest shipping cost will provide our clients without adding any profit,Approx 3-5 days to arrive at your place will not be a problem for us,The estimated time and transportation method will be adjusted according to your order quantity,Any questions please contact us via Email: sales@flow-controls.com,

Quality and Reputation is most important,   We indeed know the electric valve is the foundation of the Water or Air automatic control system,the level of the performance of the electric valve is directly related to the efficiency of your automatic control system,Our clients are satisfied with our valve quality because every valves must be going through strict testing before leaving our factory,this will ensure you will be getting the good quailty valves. what is more,we NEVER provide below failure valves:

Here are some of the signs of electric valve Failure:

1,The valve sometimes doesn't open or close.
2,The valve leaks.
3,The big noise arise when valve works
4,The valve ball rusty.
5,The valve can normally close but can not open fully.
Or some other failure situation......Leak,Wrong Limit Switch,Electric component Displace,etc,

For more than 15 years,we have accumulated mature technology ,advanced manufacture experience and good after-sales service as well,you do not worry the quality problem,like Leak, Wrong limit switch,Electric component displace,etc,our quality is actually different and reliable though its appearance is similar to other competitors,

Now our clients come from all over the world,such as USA,Canada, Australia,Newsland,UK,Canada,America,Spain,Germany,France,Italy,Norway,India,etc,

The valves always been used in their different water treatment,water purification,water recylcing,etc,for example:

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Mini Motorized & Electric ball valve for Central heating system Mini Motorized & Electric ball valve for Central heating system Mini Motorized & Electric ball valve for Cooling system

Mini Motorized & Electric ball valve for  Water saving system

Mini Motorized & Electric ball  valve for Water Filtration system Motorized&Electric ball valve for Electric Brewing system
Mini motorized&Electric ball valve for Water heater system Mini Motorized& Electric ball valve for Truck  Motorized &Electric ball valve  for home automation system
Mini motorized & Electric ball valve for electric heating system Motorized  &Electric ball valve for Chemical application Motorized &electric ball valve for bath water saving system
Motorized&Electric ball valve for Bleed off &Auto drain&Water cooling system Motorized ball valve & Electric ball valve for water leak alarm & Automatic shut off system  Motorized ball valve & Electric ball valve for central heating system


Above is only some of valve applications,more other  applications are still available..........


Water filters & Filtration system,UF water system,Reverse Osmosis Water Filter
Electric brewing system/ Automatic brewery 
Heating&Cooling HAVC system
Water cooling bleed system
Rain water harvesting
Solar heating,undefloor heating
Irrigation system
Leak detection&water shut off system

And some other automatic control system.....

 We are also on Ebay,100% postiive feedback from our clients,http://myworld.ebay.com/smartvalves

"Great to deal with , thanks very much, Highest praise , quality product !!AAA+++"

"Again very happy with the service and the valve. Highest rating AAA+++"

"Again very happy with the service and the valve. Highest rating AAA+++

 Thanks John,we would provide the best quality and most affordable price for you in the future,look forward to our long and friendly cooperation.



Below is some response of our clients-Testimonials

"I would like to thank you for the early shipment, valves received today!  "     Andrea  
Prompt delivery and good quality is our airm,it is our duty to help the customer get the best result out of our products.


"We will be purchasing more valve in the future." "   Andrew

We are also very glad to hear that the customers are very satisfied with our valves and service.


"these valves and getting a good response ,I’m sure we will develop a strong working relationships as time goes on. " Bill

Yes,establishing a long and friendly cooperation with our clients is also our aim.


"We have been pleased with the quality of the products you have supplied and my preference would be to work with you and your company and customer interest has been high so we expect to continue to increase sales volume."  Joe