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Customer Concerns and TOFINE Quality Control Process
2014-11-20 23:31:34

TOFINE Group Co.,Limited | Your Flow Control Specialist in China,
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Why TOFINE: Our motorized valves are thoroughly tested to ensure cosistent good quality with every batch.
TOFINE know what Customer concerns and would provide the most reliable quality and service for our clients all over the world.

Questions and answers:
Is your price lowest for mini electric ball valves/motorized ball valves?
TOFINE only supply good quality valves,all the internal materials we use are brand new not refurbishment,whole metal gear instead of plastic,
I am afraid our price maybe not be the lowest but our valve quality must deserve your trust.

What kind of quality control process do you always use?  
We maintain quality control throughout every step of the production to guarantee valve detect-free,see below info,
Are all TOFINE valves thoroughly tested before being shipped?
Yes,absolutely,this is most important job for us.
What kind of warranty against defects does TOFINE provide,is it one year?
Are the TOFINE parts warrantied against failure for some time? 
365 days,
Can the electric actuator itself be replaced without removing the valve from the water supply line? 
Yes,good&easy maintenance deserves your trust.

TOFINE sincerely thanks for our lovely clients,without their support and understanding for many years,we can not achieve this success selling results,
We are always your best friends and suppliers,TOFINE estabish long and friendly cooperation with our clients.

Any questions please contract us via Email : sales@flow-controls.com,  www.flow-controls.com


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