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Larger size above 25mm Electric actuated ball valve

  • Product Abstract:

  • 1-1/4"(32mm), 1-1/2"(40mm), 2"(50mm) in Stainless steel
  • Price:80-140USD/PC
  • Model:TOFINE-THA20T

  • Product Description

    TOFINE-THA20T Larger size Stainless steel motorized ball valve/electric actuated ball valve 
    Most Ecnomical price in China,Available in Normally closed(NC)or Normally open(NO) function,also named fail-safe or Auto-Return Motorized/Electric actuated ball valves.

    Size: 1-1/4".1-1/2" and 2"
    Wiring:2-wire,3-wire,4-wire,5-wire with signal feedback,7-wire with signal feedback,
    2-wire CR2 02 is of auto-return function,available in Normally closed(NC) or Normally open(NO),if you need Auto-return with signal feedback please select 5-wire CR5 02,To guarantee excellent working performance please charge the capacitor at least 2 miniutes.


    Wirings diagrams options 2-wire,3-wrie,5-wire or 7-wire with signal feedback etc,please click attached technical files,if any questions please contact TOFINE teams via Email: sales@flow-controls.com or Skype: amyzhang3000,

    TOFINE Valve,  www.flow-controls.com,  

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