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CWX15Q/N Mini economic motorized ball valve

  • Product Abstract:

  • Economic standard,cheap motorized ball valves,
    IP65 enclosure,
  • Price:18~35USD
  • Model:TOFINE-CWX15Q/N

  • Product Description

    Mini motorized ball valve also named electric ball valve,TOFINE flow control valves,motor driven ball valve,motorized flow control valves,ball valve with electric actuator,water proof motorized ball valves,etc


        Size   Material Torque Working pressure Temperature Open/Close time Serving life Enclosure Power         Voltage
    1/2",3/4',1" Brass,Stainless steel 304 1.5-2.0 Nm 1.0Mpa <=100 degree celsius 3~5 seconds 100,000 times IP65 Max 5 W 5V,12V,24V,85~265V


    1) Compact design and light weight: It is considered "mini",because it only measures approx 3 inches wide by3 inches tall ,and it only weights approx 0.3~0.5KG/pc.

    2) High performance&price ratio: It is consdered "economic" because it only cost approx 25~48USD for the high quality similar to Danfoss or other famous brand in international worldwide,also, you save more money because you are buying from our factroy directly,and we would even accept ONE sample only for your evaluation.

    3) Application&Design: Mini electric ball valve is electrically operated valve used in various automatic water treatment system,water leak alarm & shut off system,it is made of two parts,Electric actuator+Ball valve,the valve will open&close when voltage applies&remove to the motor.





     Stainles steel motorized ball valve Cross section





    Please kindly note that if you select CR04,please do not open/close frequently and  charge the capacitor at least 1 minute to guarantee the valve working performance,Details please kindly see attached file.

    If actuator return (similar as " Spring return" ) is not very necessary,we do not recommend you selecting 2 wires CR04,as the price will be increased approx 5USD/pc,meanwhile,this kind of wiring is not suitable for frequent open/close application and the charge time may effect the open/close action.


    Water treatment,water reclying,water purification
    Centre heating system
    Automated Leak Detection & Water Shut-off System
    Electric Brewing system
    Campus IC Card system
    Water saving system,
    Water heater&boiler system
    Sprinkle system
    Automatic irrigation and water purification&filtration ststen


    Package as below,Carton box, we can provide different boxes as per your request,

    Wiring please see attached file, Any questions,please contact us by Email:sales@flow-controls.com,


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