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Battery driven Water leak alarm & automatic shut off system

  • Product Abstract:

  • Battery driven can be available,
  • Price:49~70USD/unit
  • Model:TOFINE-WLD807

  • Product Description

    What is water leak alarm & shut off system?
    This system consist of below components,when leak detected,the system will alarm with voice,and water supply will be automatically cut off, 
    TOFINE-WLD807 has back up battery function,when power is off,the battery will continue to supply power.
    Water sensor can detect the water leak,put the water sensor on the place where water leak may happen,Once leak happens,when the water touch the water sensor,the center unit will immediately sound warning tone and then the valve will automatically shut off,

    Main components:
    Mini motorized ball valves as automated shut off valve.   1 pc
    Water sensors cable     2 pcs (6M length)
    Control Unit       1 pc
    Battery :   4 pcs    (User provide)
    AC adaptor: 1 pc

    The advantage for our water alarm detection system?
    Battery driven can be available,just need to put battery into the box.
    Equipped with NT,CT,NO port,can be connected to your own Home Alarm System ,we will provide you the joint cable. 

    Enclosed file is the brochure for water alarm & shut off system,
    Please kindly confirm the valve size (1/2",3/4" or 1") and valve material (Brass or Stainless steel) when placing order with us, Email: sales@flow-controls.com



    Below is water sonsors:








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