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1" Stainless 4-20 mA Modulating/Proportional Ball Valves in China

  • Product Abstract:

  • 1" Stainless steel NPT 9-24VDC,5-wire
  • Price:40-60 USD
  • Model:TOFINE-THA20T

  • Product Description

    4-20 mA DC modulating valves Model: TOFINE-THA20T
    TOFINE-THA20T A20-M25-S2-C 5 wire DC9-24V 50-60Hz 4-20mA 1.0 mPA
    1" Stainless steel NPT,
    DC9-24V, 5-wire
    Other specs are still available,please contact us for more details, 
    Email: sales@flow-controls.com

    Notes: voltage input and current input are both available,

    ? Working voltage: DC9-24V

    ? Wire control: 3 wire or 5 wire(with feedback wire)

    ? Control current: 4-20mA

    ? Control voltage:0-5v, 0-10v (also available)
    ? Cable length:0.5m or customized

    ? Motor voltage:5v

    ? Switching time:≤7S

    ? Material of valve body: brass, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316

    ? Valve port size?3/8”,1/2”,3/4”,1”

    ? Sealing material: FKM

    ? Thread:BSP, NPT

    ? Control accuracy: ±1%

    ? Protection Class?IP67

    ? Valve Open: 0%-100%

    ? Actuator material?High quality engineering plastic

    ? Position frequency output: variable frequency output or fixed frequency, PWM output,    frequency can be customized, PWM can be customized

    ? PWM frequency:100Hz, duty:5-95% 

    For the wiring diagram /Wiring schematic,please be aware that the wire color may be different,please refer to the actual wiring diagram label posted on the small box,
    For more details please contact us by Email: sales@flow-controls.com,  TOFINE is always with you.
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