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Fail safe&Spring return electrically actuated ball valve

  • Product Abstract:

  • Fail safe or Spring return motorized ball valve, Valve can be normally open or normally closed when power fails.
  • Model:TOFINE-THA20T

  • Product Description

    Motorized ball valve,electric brewing valve,normally open valve,normally close valve,motorized flow control ball valve,automatic treatment ball valve,electrically actuated ball valve,the best economic alternative to solenoid valves,

    Good quality TOFINE-THA20T,IP67 Enclosure (NEMA 6 equivalent),
    Whole metal gear,extremelly long working life.


    What is fail safe valve?
    Fail safe valve also named TOFINE Spring Return valve, The valve returns to the non-power position when power off,

    This function is realized by the way of built-in capacitor,it ensures the valves will normally closed or normally open other than hang-up in partly open position when power cut off suddenly.it can be normally closed or normally open valve.
    Normally closed valve: The original state is close,the valve open when power on,and the valve close when power off,
    Normally open valve:    The original state is open,the valve close when power on,and the valve open when power off.
    NPT or BSP female thread connection,
    Size: Full port 1/4",Full port 1/2",Full port 3/4",Full port 1"
    Material: Brass ,Nickel plated brass or Food grade Stainless 304
    Voltage: 5V,12V,24V,With Manual override,with Visual indicator
    Voltage:110V-240V,Without Manual override,with Visual indicator.
    Wiring: 2 wires as below
    More info,please contact Amy by Email address: sales@flow-controls.com,

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