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Sensor Valve for Water Leak Control

  • Product Abstract:

  • Water leak alarm and Auto shut off system,
  • Price:40-80USD/unit
  • Model:TOFINE-WAD801

  • Product Description
    Sensor Valve for Water Leak Control 
     Intelligent Controller Manual
    Functions and Features
    * Valves automatically close automatically when leakage ,and alarm. 
    * Power Supply with 2 AA, 5 batteries.
    * Automatically alarm when power is lower, and valve close eight hours latar
    * Controller panel has three keys ( power key, valve on key , valve off key ) and three indicator lights ( power indicator, on - off indicator)
    * Easy to install.
    * Suitable for water purifiers, protective faucet, washing machine, filter or water softener and other equipment as leakage protection.
    * Sensing controller is fully sealed, moisture-proof design, improve the life of battery and stability of the product .
    Technical parameters
    Operating voltage: 3VDC (2 . AA, 5 batteries)
    Operating Current: Typically 0.015mA, max 300.0mA
    Cable length: 1.0M
    Connector Spec: BSP/NPT 1 / 2 " ,  BSP/NPT3/4'' , 1'' BSP/NPT
    Ambient temperature: -20 degrees to 80 degrees C
    Withstand pressure: 1.0Mpa
    Leakage detection:  Put the metal face of senser controller down the place most likely leaky places, such as near the water purifier.

    This unit consist of Intelligent Controller and motorized ball valves,When leak detected,this unit can automatically shut off flow and Alarm,
    Model: TOFINE-WAD801 or named TOFINE-WLD801

    Valve Size: 1/4",3/8",1/2",3/4",1"
    Valve body:  Brass, Stainless steel, Nickle plated brass,

    Automatic Shut off Motorized ball valves                            Intelligent controller         Installation example











     Intelligent Controller Manual


    Functions and Features

    Valves automatically close  when leakage ,and alarm. 

    * Power Supply with 2 AA, 1.5V batteries.Provided by buyer because battery is not permitted to send via Express,

    when power is lower it will alarm, and valve close after eight hours,

    * Controller panel has three keys ( power key, valve on key , valve off key ) and three indicator lights ( power indicator, on - off indicator)

    * Easy to install.

    * Suitable for water purifiers, protective faucet, washing machine, filter or water softener and other equipment as leakage protection.

    * Sensing controller is fully sealed, moisture-proof design, improve the life of battery and stability of the product .

    Leakage detection:  Put the metal face of sensor controller down the place most likely leaky places, such as near the water purifier.
    * Press On/Off button approx 3 seconds,valve close,
    * Press Open button,valve Open,Controller gets into low power consumption state,Three indicative lights flashing each 10 seconds,
    * After Leakage resolved,press Open,valve open,Controller gets into low power consumption state,
    * #1 and 2 indicative lights flashing - Need to change the battery.
    * #1 indicative light flashing - Low battery warning,the valve will be automatically close after 8 hours,



    Technical parameters

    Operating voltage: 3VDC (2 . AA, 1.5 V batteries)

    Operating Current: Typically 0.015mA, max 300.0mA

    Cable length: 1.0M

    Connector Spec: BSP/NPT 1 / 2 " ,  BSP/NPT3/4'' , 1'' BSP/NPT

    Ambient temperature: -20 degrees to 80 degrees C

    Liquid temperature: 2℃~90℃ (Cold or Hot water both OK)
    Withstand pressure: 1.0Mpa (10 Bar,150 psi)


    Leakage detection:  Put the metal face of sensor controller down the place most likely leaky places, such as near the water purifier.

    When any questions please contact us via Email: sales@flow-controls.com, Web: www.flow-controls.com

    Sensor Valve for Water Leak Control ,Motorized shut off valves for water leak alarm system,

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