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Bleed-off valve of water cooling water system

  • Product Abstract:

  • Super quality motorized ball valve for bleed-off of water cooling system, Normally closed motorized ball valve. Motor open -capacitor return,
  • Price:55.8~65.8USD
  • Model:TOFINE-CWX15Q/N

  • Product Description

    Motorized ball valve also named electric actuated ball valve,

    What is normally closed motorized ball valve? or what is valve fail-safe function?
    This serious valves are normally closed valve,it is motor-driven open by voltage and motor-driven closed by way of a built capacitor,

    This actuator is designed so that if power is interrupted to the actuator in the mid-operation,the capacitor will power the valve closed and the valve will not hang-up in the partly open position. The capacitor is quick charging and will fully charge the first time power is applied to the actuator.

    The valve can be designed  either normally closed or normally opened  when power off,please tell us your choice,or else,the valve will be made to normally closed valves.



    Valve body:Chrome-plated brass,Stainless steel,PVC


    Shipping Weight:0.5~0.7KGS(1.5lbs), 3inches wide,3 inches tall


    Max power:5 W

    Wiring:2 wires,a red wire,a black wire,when power is applied to the Red wire,the valve will open,when power is removed,the valve closed.


    The actuator includes a valve positon indicator(indication window) and a manual operation hand wheel.



    Warning:Do not try to repositIon the valve with power connected to the actuator.

    Notes:If the valve is manually openeded it will stay open until it is manually closed or power is restored to the actuator and the capacitor is recharged.

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