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Motorized ball valve with auto return function(normally closed)

  • Product Abstract:

  • The valves will be normally closed when power off,and it only requires 2 wires to power it.
  • Price:36USD/pc
  • Model:TOFINE-CWX15Q

  • Product Description

    China mini motorized ball valve auto closing,Electric actuated valve 2 way or 3 way 2 position stainless or Brass,1/2",3/4",1",1-1/4" motorized ball valve,
    Motorized ball valve actuator sketch please contact us for details.


    Size:1/2 inch,



    Wiring:2 wires.

    Seal:PTFE,no leak,

    Serving life:100000 times.

    Open/close time:3-5 seconds.

    Notes:To guarantee the best working performance,please kindly charge the valve approx 60 seconds when you firstly use the valve 

    If you need manual override,usd2 wll be added for each valve.




    Product highlights:

    A mini 2 -way motorzed ball valve design as an economical alternative to solenoide valves for use in high-fouling,heating&cooling water system.

    Small&compact design,very suitable for small equipment.

    Very low working current,can be suitable for battery operating.

    Anti water hammer slow close function.

    Without costly and bulky spring return actuator,the valve will normally close by the way of built in capacitor when power off,r and it only requires 2 wires to power it.

    Anti high temperature:100C (212F).





    Different Water control system,water recycling,water purification,water treatment.

    Centre heating&Cooling water system,HVAC,

    Automated Leak Detection & Water Shut-off System

    Electric Brewing system,

    Solar heating system,

    Campus IC Card system,Water saving system

    Water heater&boiler system

    Automatic irrigation&water purification&filtration system,Sprinkle system

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