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water leak alarm&automatic shut off system

  • Product Abstract:

  • Protect your property from damage by water leakage caused by ruptured pipes and overflowing drains.
  • Price:49~70USD/unit
  • Model:TOFINE-WLD806

  • Product Description



    control unit,valve,sensor cable and AC adapter AC 100-240V(different power supply for North America,Europe,Asia,etc)

    Sensor cable :

    8 water detection sensors

    AC adaptor12V

    CE,UL approval 

    Length of sensor cable

    6 meter

    Size of shut off valve 

    1'',1/2'',3/4'',3/8''and 1/4''for your selection

    Indicators :

    1.Power indicator (AC adaptor) 

    2.Leak detect point indicators – 8pc

    Alarm time:


    Working Voltage: 

    12V Max. 

    Working current: 


    Standby current:


    Alarm startup time: 

    1 second 

    Output electric potential:


    Valve close startup time: 

    1 second 

    Valve open startup time: 

    1 second 

    Natural life:

    at least 5 years




    Water leak alarm&automatic shut off system,including below items:
    Qty 1 Controller,
    Qty 8 Water sensor cables,
    Qty 1 power adapter
    Qty 1 motorized ball valve



    New :2 valves is also available now,one valve for hot line,the other valve for cold line.



    Different Power Adaptor for different courntries, like below:

    Round corner mainly for European countries,Square corner mainly for America ,Canada countries,etc,if you are clients from UK,we always have another adaptor for your country.



     1) How it works:
    1. When a leakage is detected, the water leak detector system will make an
    audible alarm with a flashing LED and automatic shut off the electronic ball
    2. The alarm is keeping “beep” until you hear it and deal with the water leak
    or water overflow. Then press the ”open” button to open the valve and “reset”
    button to make the gear ready for next potential leakage.


    2) Easily Installation:
    Step 1.Place the water leak alarm on a dry surface, or hang on the wall.
    Step 2.Press the test button, the unit is working if you hear a "beep, beep,
    beep" alarm and the red LED is flashing.
    Step 3.Plug the water sensor into the Φ 3.5mm socket of water leak alarm,
    and place the sensor on the ground or anywhere you would like it to detect
    potential water leakages.


    3) Recommended Places:

    Top 5 Places to install water leak detector

    • Under the Bathroom Sink
    • Behind a Leaky Toilet
    • Under a Dishwasher
    • By the Water Heater
    • Under the Refrigerator

    Also widely used for swimming pool, air conditioner, hot water tanks, piping, washing machine, water treatment....


    Residential Application,Commercial Applications:

    Sump Pits Computer Rooms

    Washing machines Storage Facilities

    Dish washers Libraries/Museums

    Ice makers Warehouses

    Basement walls Mechanical Rooms

    Air conditioners Commercial Buildings

    Hot water tanks Air Handlers

    Water heater Piping Systems

    Sink drains The central air-conditioning system

    Piping Dehumidifiers

    Bathroom Laundry

    Floor drains Boiler

    Toilets Condo & Apartment Complex & Hotel


    Warning: the control unit (alarm) is NOT waterproof; please DON’ T put it

    in water.Do not place Sensor terminals on the metallic objects that may cause false warning sound.


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