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What is full port or reduced port ball valve?
2012-11-26 16:18:00

TOFINE Motorized ball valves(Electric ball valves) available in full port / full flow or reduced port valves,   www.flow-controls.com,  sales@flow-controls.com

These are two different types of 
ball valves. But the major difference between a full bore valve and a reduced bore valve is this:

For the full bore valve, the bore diameter i.e hole in the ball has the same internal diameter as the pipe, whereas a reduced bore valve has a smaller bore diameter than the internal diameter of the pipework it is on.For example, the bore size in a 3/4-inch full-port ball valve is 3/4-inch in internal bore, while the bore diameter in a reduced&standard ball valve is 1/2-inch in internal diameter,or you could also understand like this, full bore through the port,  for example,3/4" valve is 3/4" opening for the water flow.  1-1/4" valve is opening for 1-1/4" water flow,

For our TOFINE-CWX15Q and TOFINE-THA20T mini Motorized ball valves.

1/2"(DN15) is all full port.
3/4" (DN20) Full port and standard(reduced) port is both available
1" (DN25)    Full port and standard(reduced) port is both available,
1-1/4"(DN32), 1-1/2" (DN40), 2" (DN50) is full port,please refer model TOFINE-THA20T

* TOFINE-THA20T features full port / full flow size,you do not lose water flow or pressure,we have unique advantage on this point as we are only full port supplier in China,especailly for 1 inch (25 mm) Stainless steels valves,few supplier can match us either in full port configuration or economical cost per valve.

* TOFINE-THA20T part number and labels info please visit 
 TOFINE Quality Control Process please visit http://www.flow-controls.com/news/Customer-Concerns-and-TOFINE-Quality-Control-Process-58.html

Full-port ball valves are used where their low flow resistance is of value such as on pump suction pipes, where a pressure drop can affect pump performance. They are also used in flows containing mixed liquids and solids where flow restrictions can cause separations in the materials causing buildups and thus reducing the flow in the pipes. Standard(reduced)-port ball valves are used where pressure drop, turbulence in the flow and material characteristics are not a concern. They also have the advantages of smaller size and lower cost.
If there is no strict demand on flow rate,you could select standard(reduced) port as the price is more economic and the weight is relatively a little lower.











  • A full port or more commonly known full bore ball valve has an over-sized ball so that the hole in the ball is the same size as the pipeline resulting in lower friction loss. Flow is unrestricted but the valve is larger and more expensive so this is only used where free flow is required, for example in pipelines which require pigging.
    In reduced port or more commonly known reduced bore ball valves, flow through the valve is one pipe size smaller than the valve's pipe size resulting in flow area being smaller than pipe. As the flow discharge remains constant and is equal to area of flow (A) times velocity (V), A_1V_1=A_2V_2 the velocity increases with reduced area of flow.











    TOFINE valve available in full port or reduced motorized ball valves with different sizes,voltage ,material and wiring controls,Please kindly visit our  electric ball valves pages to see the clear pictures and price difference.Any questions,please kinldy contact us by Email:sales@flow-controls without hesitation.

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