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Want to find a cheap but good qualiy motorized ball valve?
2012-06-22 16:10:10

As we all know,motorized ball valve is more and more popular due to its wide applications,it can be the best suitable valve for water automatic control system,but most people wouldn't buy it because of high price,Now,we can provide a good soluction for you:

High performance&&price ratio,the price is only around 30~50USD/pc.
The best economic alternative to the solenoid valves,partically when solenoid valves can not work reliably.
Open/Close:3~5 seonds.
Small&compact design and light weight,can be suitable for small equipment.
Float sealing struction,No leak,can be suitable for high fouling situation.
Extremelly long life,100000 times
Valve can be normally closed when power off,and it only requires 2 wires to power it.

What are you wating for? Contact us for details now. E-mail: sales@flow-controls.com

So far our TOFINE-THA20T motorized ball valve is hot selling now,
Why we select china factory made TOFINE-THA20T motorized ball valve for atuomatic control system?

Compare with other mini motorized ball valves,below advantage maybe helpful for your imp & exp job,
*  Compact&small size and light weight: Approx 3 inch height ,3 inch width, approx 0.5 KG per piece,can also be suitable for very small equipement.
*  Full port thread connection on both sizes,especially 3/4" and 1",please kindly note that many suppliers provide reduced port 3/4" or 1",reduced port has lower price but full port is more suitable for automatic treatment

*  IP67 Enclosure(NEMA 6 equivalent),IP67 higher than IP65 on quality and working performance.

*  Metal gear guarantee long working life,please kindly note that some supplier provide cheap plastic gear which leads to bad quality of the valves.
*Actuator material PPO,good anti-UV and anti-aging performance,many supplier provide ABS material,of course,PPO quality is far better than ABS.
* Anti-UV cover can be available,the price would be increased 1USD/pc,
more details please kindly visit

* Timer controlled can be available,more details please kindly visit

*3 way valve in Brass T port or 3 way valve in Stainless L port can be available,more details please visit 
http://www.flow-controls.com/3-way-T-motorized-ball-valve-with-manual-override.html or 

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