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Question and Answer for TOFINE Motorized ball valves.
2013-12-30 12:35:15

Question and Answer for TOFINE Motorized ball valves.

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Some suppliers copied our product ,Seen from the valve apperance and instruction,it seems that there is no difference between these fakes and TOFINE valves ,but with the time passing by,you will find the fakes is not reliable,as our TOFINE valve good quality and service can not be simulated at all.More info please visit Important notice from TOFINE teams

For all the shipping by Express(DHL,FEDEX,TNT,EMS,etc),the value declared in the invoice will be shown less than 200USD,Meanwhile,if any import charges occur,the buyer should be responsible for it, if you have any questions please contact us via Email: sales@flow-controls.com,

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1) What is the main difference between TOFINE-CWX15Q and TOFINE-THA20T?
2) How about TOFINE-THA20T Motorized ball VALVE?
ow to order TOFINE Motorized ball valves in China?

3) What is Manual override and Position indicator for motorized ball valves?
4) What is fail-safe or normally closed function for motorized ball valves?
5) What is the difference for reduced port or full port motorized ball valves?
6) What is the difference for BSP or NPT thread connection?
7) Are the valves drinking water safe? Or is it food-grade valve?
) How to install motorized ball valves?

9) What is the standard length of cable?
Answer: It is 0.5M,if there is no length specified,we will provide 0.5M calbel length.When you need 1.5M length the price will be increased approx 1USD/pc,you need to confirm with us before ordering at this point.
10) Can you provide NSF or WRAS or NSF61 approved seals? 
Answer: No problem,the seals we are using is just NSF and WRAS approved,and we also provide NSF61 compliant valves.
11) How about the Warrantee and After-sale service for TOFINE flow control valves (TOFINE-CWX15Q and TOFINE-THA20T)
Answer: The warranty is 365 days, Our customer is very important for us,and we want to assure you that our service is as high as the qulaity of products we sell,Should you have any questions please contact us and we will respond to you within 8 hours,Time Difference and Distance won't be a problem for us.
12) How to wire the motorized ball valves or how to connect the motorizd ball valves?
3) Import notice from our TOFINE team (What is relation betweenTOFINE and their approved factories)
4) Can we install TOFINE electric ball valve horizontal?

Yes,you can,
15) What is the flow direction of 3-way TOFINE Electric automatic ball valve?
6) What is the difference between solenoid valves and TOFINE motorized ball valves?
7) Do you have a distributor or representative in USA,Canada,Australia or European countries or will we purchase directly?

Answer: Though many companies are selling our TOFINE motorized ball valves in the worldwide we still not appinted an authorized agent yet,to guarantee you get the quality valves at most Economic price,we recommend you buying directly from us. Web: www.flow-controls.com ,Email: sales@flow-controls.com, Skype:amyzhang3000
18) What is the inside size of 1 inch TOFINE Motorized ball valves? full port vs reduced port
For 2 way TOFINE-THA20T Motorized ball valves in Stainless,the inside size of 1" ball valve is 25mm.
For 2 way TOFINE-THA20T Motorized ball valves in Brass,the inside size of 1" ball valve is 24mm,
For 3 way TOFINE-THA20T Motorized ball valves in Brass,the inside size of 1" ball valve is 24mm,
For 3 way TOFINE-THA100T Motorized ball valves in Stainless,the inside size of 1" ball valve is 18mm,
19) What is the expected delivery date for Mini TOFINE 2-way or 3-way motorized ball valves&electric ball valves?
Answer:We are China leading manufacturer&exporter for mini motorized ball valves,we regard the quality and repuation as our life,For small order quantity,the delivery date will be within 5-7 working days,Though small order quantity,the valves will be also waiting in line for strict testing by our TOFINE teams before leaving our factory,so that our clients can receive the good quality valves.For bulk order quantity,we will try our best to advance the delivery.
20) What is the current the valve draw and do they continue to draw power once valve open or closed?
TOFINE Motorized ball valves, Approx 80mA,once open or closed,the actuator does not continue to draw power due to an internal cut off,
21) What specs of TOFINE Motorized ball valves our clients are ordering now?
22) What is the flow rate for the TOFINE motorized ball valves?
23) Do you have minimum order quantity requirement for TOFINE motorized ball valves?
Answer:No,you can order any quantity you wish,but more valves you order,more economical shipping cost you get,
24) How to buy  the best suitable China Auto-return motorized ball valves?
25) Do you provide bigger size motorized ball valves?
26) What will be the the part number and label for TOFINE motorized ball valves?
27) What  is the Model name,Part number and labels for TOFINE motorized ball valves ?
28) TOFINE know what customer concerns and would provide our best reliable quality and service,
29) How to order production quantity after sample approved?
30) Spring return vs Capacitor return?
Capacitor return is better for Motorized ball valves,if the valves required to be auto-return to open or close on the loss of power,please choose TOFINE Capacitor-return valves,when power is removed,the valve can normally closed or open by the way of built-in capacitor instead of spring,Capacitor return is more reliable,it can avoid the problem of Spring disengaged or not operated during operation,Email: sales@flow-controls.com
31) TOFINE timer controlled motorized ball valves has two types below,
1) Standard type Timer Motorized ball valves: (Most recommended)
Set the valve open/close for a period of time,
Programmable within 99+ hours
For example: open 50 minutes,close 50 minutes.....
Optional feature: fail-closed,valve auto close on power fail,
2) Clock type Timer Motorized ball valves: 
Set the valve open/close at the specific time,
Programmable within 24 hours,
For example, open at 3:00,close at 10:00...
With built-in fail-closed feature,if one specifies the Close type valve that it automatically has fail-closed feature.
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