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Motorized ball valve leak problem
2013-04-23 21:14:35

How about the TOFINE motorized ball valve sealing performance? Mini motorized ball valve has very excllent floating sealing structure,no Leak,water proof IP65 and even IP67 Enclosure,we guarantee our valves without leak problems,

But why our valve started to leak? and how to solve the leak problem? If you happen to meet this question,unfortunately,I am thinking you may be buying inferior quality from a unreliable supplier,Meanwhile,below suggestions for your reference.

For leak problem,there is always a few reasons listed below
1) Valve does not fully Open/Closed because of valve open/closed frequently or Auto-return function fails.
Auto-return function always named normally open or closed,more details please visit http://www.flow-controls.com/news/What-is-fail-safe-or-normally-closed-open-motorized-ball-valve--16.html,if auto-return fails the valves may be not fully closed which may cause water leak.
If the normally closed wiring is not very necessary,we recommend you selecting other Wiring,because as you know,
Normally closed function also named Actuator Return,something like Spring Return of solenoid valves,the valve original state is close,the valve will open when power on,and valve will close when power off by the way of built-in capacitor,so the charge time at least 1 minute always be needed to guarantee the valve works well,or else,the valve may not be open/closed fully which may result in leaking problem,especially for high voltage 110/120V version.
If the normally closed function is very necessary,we recommend you select the valve without manual override,
2) Seal badly worn because of much impurity flow through the valves.
We recommend the water is pre-filtered to remove any sediment in the water,because if the water is pre-filtered that will be great because no sediment in the water will not destroy the sealing rings of valve body, thus the long working life will be guaranteed and no leak will never happen,
Install the filter equipment if the medium includes much sands or dirts
Install the descaling equipment if the medium easily scaling.

3) Wrong thread connection has been used
Suggestions:Please aware that below guides,
NPT is for USA ,Canda and South America markets,BSP is for other countries.

CHINA TOFINE, sales@flow-controls.com,

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