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Home brewery DIY
2012-07-18 23:11:31

More and more clients buy our mini motorized ball valves for their electric brewing system,they always said:

"Very affordable price"

"Very good quality,has a very successful experience"

"Valve works very well"

"Doing great,The valve is working out perfectly"

Now our clients not only buy our mini motorized ball valves,they also want to buy our water meter and temperature controller for their electric brewing system.

Our mini Motorized ball valves TOFINE-CWX15Q and TOFINE-THA20T can be the best model for your electric brewing systems,As far as our experience,below configuration is very popular in USA brewing breweries.

2-way Motorized ball valve TOFINE-THA20T
3/4" Full port NPT thread connection,
Stainless steel,
2-wire CR2 02 Auto-return ( Normally closed when power off)
With Manual override

2-way Motorized ball valve TOFINE-CWX15Q,
1/2 inch,Brass body NPT female thread connection.
2 wire CR 04 (Normally closed when power off)

Other configurations is also very popular,we will update more info later.
www.flow-controls.com, sales@flow-controls.com,   Amy,

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