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Are the motorized ball valves drinking water safe?
2014-01-08 12:26:53

Is motorized ball valve safe to use in drinking water?
Are the motorized ball valves&Electric ball valves dirinking water safe?
Can you provide food-grade motorized ball valves?

The answer is Yes,please select our  Stainless steel valve body,it is lead-free,food-grade and safe for drinking water application.
we don't recommend you using Brass valve in drinking water application,though some clients in some European countries have used it in this application.

If you have strict requirement on valves ,we can also provide NSF61 compliant valves,for example,http://www.flow-controls.com/NSF61-compliant-Stainless-automatic-shut-off-valves-for-drinking-water-system.html

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