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2 way motorized valve with manual override

  • Product Abstract:

  • Size:1/2",3/4",1",11/4" ,
    Material: Brass or Stainless valve body.
    Small&compact design & very light weight, suitablef for small equipment.
    Manual override is safe and convenient.
    Fail safe (Auto return function) is available,the valve can normally close or open when power cut off.
  • Price:$20~$39.5/pc
  • Model:TOFINE-CWX25S

  • Product Description

     2-way mini economic motorized ball valve with manual override

    Attahced is the Material data sheet.


    ² Size: DN8-25 (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch)

    ² Material: Stainless, Brass,

    ² Voltage: DC3-6V, DC12V, DC24V, AC/DC 9-24V, DC5V, AC85-265V, DC3-6V

    ² Rated Current: 45-100 Ma, Power: Max 4W

    ² Output Torque: 1.5-2Nm,Opening/closing time:3-5 seconds.

    ² Wiring:2~5 wires,

    ² IP65 or IP67 Enclosure

    ² Working pressure:1.0Mpa( 150 Psi)

    ² Medium temperature: 0-90 Centigrade

    ² BSP or NPT thread 




    ² Small/compact dimension and light weight, only 1/4 of traditional actuators(around 3 inches tall&wide), can be suitable for small equipment.

    ² Floating seal construction, no leakage,big flow capacity,at least 3 times bigger than normal,

    ² Anti-water hammer slow close function,

    ² Failsafe operation(auto return) can be avialable,the valve will normally closed when power cut off,and it only requires 2 wires to power it.

    ² Extra long life- Min 100, 000 times,the Lower price while mainting excellent working performance as the valves are directly sold from our factory

    ² Mounted any attitude,easy to install and replacement.

    *Manual overide is easy and convenient,with open/close indicator as well.



    Will complement your existing solenoid valve as it will also suitable for dirty or contaminated water,viscous fluids,gravity feed application,rain water switch over units ,some corrosive fluides or low power/solar/battery operate circuits.Such as:


    ² Different Water control system

    ² Centre heating system

    ² Automated Leak Detection & Water Shut-off System

    ² Electric Brewing system

    ² Campus IC Card system

    ² Water saving system

    ² Water heater&boiler system

    ² Sprinkle system

    ² Automatic irrigation and water purification&filtration ststen

    ² HVAC

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