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Learn Electric valve from here-Motorized ball valve for water treatment

  • Product Abstract:

  • Tofine-CWX15Q/N (IP65 enclosure).
    Tofine- THA20T (IP67 enclosure)
  • Price:$18-$58/pc

  • Product Description

    What is motorized ball valve?
    A motorized ball valve is the ball valve that use an electric actuator to open or close its mechanism,this type of valve is ideally suited to remote automatic flow control applications,such as smart home system,industrial water treatment,irrigation,water filters & filtration system,pharmacy,Chemical,Oil application,Fire fighting system,Food process,Electric brewings,water leak detection system,etc.the valve is mainly used for water,if other flow medium,we recommend you trying sample first and see how it works in your application.

    Motorized ball valves Introduction
    The motorized ball valve is On/Off type valve,it is fully open or fully closed valve by Quarter turn( 90 degree) travel of actuator,and it tells us that the mini motorized ball valve can be opened/closed with very small torque.
    Open/Close time: 3-5 seconds,Open/close operation can be very quick and idea for fast response cut-offs,and motorized ball valves also offer a perfect seal performance.
    Full port design,big and smooth orifice,full port minimizes the pressue loss through the valve,
    Automatically cut off power once fully open or closed,this reduces the likelihood of overheating,can be used for the project that need the valves to be open for an extended period of time.
    Meanwhile,mini motorized ball valve can be best economic alternative to solenoid valves,especially when solenoid valves can not work reliably(for example,small orifice problem,low voltage problem,short serviicing life,etc)

    Mini Electric ball valve has different names
    Mini Electric ball valve also named mini motorized ball valve,2-way or 3-way electric actuated ball valve,TOFINE flow control valves,motor operated valve,automatic&remote control valve,electrically actuated ball valve,water proof valve,Shut off valve,low power motorized ball valves,miniature flow control valves,1/2,3/4,1 inch motorized ball valve with manual override, motorized ball valve with postion indicator,water alarm shut off valves,China Automatic controlled valves,


    Main products:
    2-way and 3-way Motorized ball valve in 1/4"(8mm) to 2"(50mm) TOFINE-CWX15Q/25S,TOFINE-THA20T
    Timer programmable Motorized ball valve TOFINE-TCM30P
    Water Leak alarm system TOFINE-WLD806/807

    See videos please visit TOFINE electric actuated ball valves,

    1) Compact design and light weight: It is considered "mini",because it only measures approx 3 inches wide by3 inches tall ,and it only weights approx 0.3~0.5KG/pc,Mini dimension suited for small equipment.

    2) High performance&price ratio: It is considered "economic" because it only cost approx 25~58USD per piece while the quality is similar to Danfoss or other famous brand in worldwide,Meawhile, you can save more money because of buying products from our factroy directly,and we would  accept small quantity  for your evaluation.

    3) Unique Technology&Design: Double Acting,Low working current,Patent technology-Floating seal structure.
    Mini electric ball valve is electrically operated valve used in various automatic water treatment system,water leak alarm & shut off system,
    it is made of two parts,Electric actuator+Ball valve,the valve will open&close when voltage applies&remove to the motor.

    4) Water proof enclosure IP65 or IP67:IP65 or IP67,IP67 price is higher than IP65 ,
    IP67: With higher rate of water proof,higher anti-leak performance and longer stable serving life,IP67 protected against the effect of immersion up to 1m,totally protected against dust (NEMA 6 equivalent)
    IP67:High Protection Class,All the actuators are seales to IP67 specifications to prevent water ingress,ideal for indoor or outdoor installation.

    Mini motorized ball valve  Working environent:
    Working pressure:1.0Mpa (10 Bar,150 psi),higher pressure can be made to order.
    Medium:Water ,Air or Oil,we recommend you adding filter equipment if the medium with many sands or dirts.Meanwhile,If the medium is oil,please kindly tell us so that we can adjust the seal material(for example,strong anti-oil NBR,etc
    Medium temperature:0~100 C (212 F),Ambient temperature:-20 C~45 C,higher temperature can be made to order.
    Long service life:70,000~100,000 times
    Open/Close:Approx 3~5 seconds,

    Mini motorized ball valve has two types with indication price as below,more details please kindly visit below link and below form,
    The price for  Economic version ToFine-CWX15Q   is approx 18~35USD
    The price for Good quality version ToFine-THA20T  is appox  28~45USD

    Tofine-CWX15Q :   http://www.flow-controls.com/IP65-on-off-Electric-ball-valve-Model-TOFINE-CWX15Q-25S.html
    Tofine-CWX25S:     http://www.flow-controls.com/Full-port-20mm-inch-Brass-motorized-ball-valve-with-manual-override.html 
    Tofine-THA20T:      http://www.flow-controls.com/IP67-on-off-Electric-ball-valve-Model-TOFINE-THA20T.html
    Tofine-TCM30P(Programmed with Timer control)  http://www.flow-controls.com/Programmable-Timer-Valves-Model-TOFINE-TCM30P.html


    Model Description Material Optional function Enclosure
    (Without manual override)

    (With manual override)
    Economic version Brass.
    Stainless Steel
    Manual override and visual indicator IP65


    Programmed with timer

    Good quality version Brass,
    Stainless steel
    Nickel plated Brass
    Manual override and visual indicator
    Programmed with timer control 
    Electric valves with Three prong plug

    What is main difference between TOFINE-CWX15Q and TOFINE-THA20T?

    What is IP67 enclosure?
    Water proof IP67,IP67 protected against the effect of immersion up to 1M and totally against dust (NEMA 6 equivalent)>
    IP67 stands for high quality with excellent seal performance and extremelly long working life.
    All  the actuators are sealed to IP67 specifications to prevent water ingress,ideal for indoor or outdoor installation.

    How to order the mini motorized ball valves?
    As a guide,we need to know Size,Material,Voltage and Wiring for quotation and shipping cost:

    1) Size:
    1/4" (DN8),1/2"(DN15),3/4"(DN20),1"(DN25),1-1/4"(DN32),1-1/2"(DN40),2"(DN50),
    please confirm which size do you want? And which thread connection do you want? NPT or BSP?

    What is the difference between full port and reduced port?

    What is the difference between NPT or BSP thread connection?

    2) Voltage:
    5V,12V,24V,110V,120V,220V,240V,please confirm what voltage do you want?

    3) Wiring
    How to wire motorized ball valves?
    We provide electric wirng diagram which includes 2 wires,3 wires,5 wires,or wiring with signal feedback,etc,you could install&connect valves very easily.
    Wiring with feedback signal,can recognize the remote signal and feedback signal to the intelligent units.

    Once opened or closed,the actuator does not continue to draw power due to an internal cutoff,,If a power loss occurs the valve will remain in its current position.
    If you need valves with Spring return or Capacitor return function,please select our fail-safe function wiring CR04 or CR2 02,more details please kindly visit http://www.flow-controls.com/news/What-is-fail-safe-or-normally-closed-open-motorized-ball-valve--16.html

    Wirings connection job should be operated by qualified electric engieers to guarantee everything safety&successful.


    Plumbing Installation suggestions:
    1) For Maxmam weater protection,the valve should be mounted in a horizontal pipe run with the actuator above the ball valve.
    Valves can have the flow pass through in either direction.
    2) Water with high particulate may damage the seals of the ball and may require the use of a strainer up stream of the valve,
    If a strainer is used it should be flushed regularly.
    3) Isolation and bypass valves are also recommened for better maintenance.
    If you motorized ball valve ever fails,you may need to be able to bypass it in order to service it.

    Other Questions and Answers please kindly click http://www.flow-controls.com/news/Question-and-Answer-for-Motorized-ball-valves--33.html

    More other specifications are also available,just tell us the Model, Size,Material,Voltage and Wiring you want,we will recommend the model best suitable for your appllication. 

    We hereby declare that we provide brand new orginal items,NOT used or refuribished items,do not compare our valves with some other cheap valves.And  below simulation product is not manufactured by our factory,our tofine valve always say NO to below bad quality valves.

    1) Bad material,used material rusty valve ball ,this will result in the valve can not work at all,though the valve seems to work correctly at the frist few days.

    2) Inferior quality ball valve,short severing life,the valve can not open/close correctly,though the appearance seems OK,but after a few days later,you will find it fail to work eventually.


    Wanna to find out how it works? Find us on the Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/user/smartvalves ,Amy is showing the valve for you there
    Motorized ball valves Video 

    What is the fail safe function of elecric actuated ball valves?

     Auto-Return (also named fail-safe,normally closed or open(NC or NO,automated return function,motor open-capacitor return)
    That is,This actuator is designed so that if power is interrupted to the actuator in the mid-operation,the capacitor will power the valve closed and the valve will not hang-up in the partly open position. The capacitor is quick charging and will fully charge the first time power is applied to the actuator.So it can guarantee the valves will be normally closed even on a complete loss of power),something like spring return of solenoid valves.

    If you need the valve automated return to the original position(either open or close),please refer to attached Wiring CR04,the valve is motor-driven open by voltage and motor-driven closed by way of a built in capacitor,this has the benefit of ensuring the valve will close even on a complete loss of power and it only requires 2 wires to power it.
    That is,you will have an electrically actuated ball valve without the need for the costly and bulky spring return as tradtitional actuator used,therefore,the great working performance and very affordable price you will enjoy immediately.

    * To guarantee the best auto-return working performance,do not open/close the valve frequently and please kindly charge up the valve at least 1 minute when you use the valve for the first time or after long time valve closed.

    *  The valves price with actuator return function will be increased at least 6~8USD,and this kind of wiring is not suitalble for frequent open/close application, as the capacitor charge time may effect the valve open/close action.

    2)Manual override and visual indicator of valve position:
    More details please kindly visit http://www.flow-controls.com/news/What-is-manual-override-for-motorized-ball-valves--32.html
    If you need Visual indicator and manual override ,See below button.

    What is valve manual override and position indicator window?The Visual indicator(position indicator) can indicate the valve situation,when line is horizontial,the valve open,when vertical ,the valve close;
    Manual override:you can operate the valve by hand  in case power fails.

    Please kindly note that Manual override operation is forbidden when energizing.


    Questions and Answers:

    Qestion A: "How do I order valves from you?"

    Step 1: Provide us the specification:Size,Material,Voltage,Wiring and Quantity.
    Step 2: Settle the price.
    Step 3: Make a payment by T/T,L/C,West Union,Paypal.
    Step 4: Delivery the valves from us directly within 3-6 working days after we get your payment.
    Manufacturing time:Within 7 working days depends on your order quantity
    Shipping time:3~6 working days by Express depend on the delivey address.

    Question B:" Can you ship to Africa ?"
    Yes,we can ship the valves to all over the world,if you us to calculate a shipping cost,please let us know your detailed delivery address

    Question C: " What is your product advantage compare to other valves?"

    1) Integrated design of valve body and electic actuator,sound construction with small&compact design and light weight,very suitable for small equipment.
    2) Float sealing struction,No Leak,can be suitable for various water treatment,even high-fouling area.
    3) The best economic alternative to solenoid valves.
    4) Anti-water hammer slow close function.
    5) Long serving life,approx 100,000 open/close times
    6) High reliable working performance&price ratio,you have NOT worries at afterservice and reselling.
    7) Low working currect,suitable for battery driving.
    8) Open/close time approx 3~5 seconds,fast response&action.

    Question D: "How about the electric power consumption of motorized ball valves?"
    Very low working current drain,Max power is 5W.


    What is the mini motorized ball valve applications:

    Will complement your existing solenoid valve as it will also suitable for dirty or contaminated water,viscous fluids,gravity feed application,rain water switch over units ,some corrosive fluides or low power/solar/battery operate circuits.Such as:


    ² Water treatment,water reclying,water purification

    ² Centre heating system

    ² Automated Leak Detection & Water Shut-off System

    ² Electric Brewing system

    ² Campus IC Card system

    ² Water saving system

    ² Water heater&boiler system

    ² Sprinkle system

    ² Automatic irrigation and water purification&filtration ststen

    ² HVAC

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