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Lead free full port US standard plugs Motorized ball valves

  • Product Abstract:

  • Auto-return to closed when power off, with standard US plug,
  • Model:TOFINE-THA20T

  • Product Description

    China TOFINE motorized ball valve 3/4" DN20 110-230VAC FNPT Stainless steel 304 N.C or N.O (N.C means Normally closed when power off, N.O means Normally open when power off),
    Part number: TOFINE-THA20T, A20-T20-S2-C,CR2 02-AC110-230V,
    Normally closed type: Auto-return to closed when power off,
    Normally open type:   Auto-return to open when power off,

    Optional: 3 wire with 18 gauge power cord with grounding plug

    Actuator housing color could be grey or black,if no specify,we will provide grey color,
    Grey color actuator housing:

    Black actuator housing:

    With standard US plug,the cable length 1.8 M,if you do not need plug,the price will be decreased,
    Limit Switches inside,
    Whole metal gear system,extremely long life,
    Compact/Small design,
    Cut off power automatically,(Once valve open or closed,the actuator does not continue to draw power due to an internal cut off)
    Spring return/Auto return/Capacitor return,normally closed or normally open,
    Lead free,safe for drinking water or food system or home automation system,
    Full bore/port  valve,

    Open/Close time: 3-5 seconds,
    Medium: Water,Air,Oil,
    Working pressure: 1.0 Mpa,10 Bar, 150 Psi
    Working current: Approx 80 mA (Max 500 mA)
    Power: 2 Watts,
    Liquid temperature: 0~100 Celcius degree (cold or hot water)
    Thread connection: Female, 
    Manual override: no
    Visual indicator: yes
    Valve dimension: 3 inch*3 inch*3 inch
    Valve weight: approx 0.5 KGS

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions:

    www.flow-controls.com,  Email: sales@flow-controls.com,


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