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TOFINE-THA20T A20-T10-S2-B Electric ball valves

  • Product Abstract:

  • China TOFINE mini Motorized ball valves
  • Model:TOFINE-THA20T

  • Product Description

    China mini motorized ball valves, TOFINE-THA20T, A20-T10-S2-B, "10" means size 3/8", "S2" means 2-way Stainless steel, "B" means with manual override,with visual indicator,

    Other options on the valve size,material and manual override,like A20-T15-S2-B,A20-T20-S2-C,A20-T25-S2-C, A20-T20-B2-B,A20-T20-B2-C.......learn what the part number will be for your order please contact us via Email: sales@flow-controls.com, 


    Model: TOFINE-THA20T, Part number: A20-T10-S2-B

    DC12V,CR2 02 Normally closed
    with manual override,with visual indicator
    With Viton o-ring, 3/8” Stainless steel
    See below pictures:

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