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Prepaid intelligent water meter & automatic shut off system

  • Product Abstract:

  • Automatic shut off system, Register the water flow accurately,
  • Model:ToFine-PWM40S

  • Product Description

    Prepaid intelligent water meter & automatic shut off system,

    Low credit warning by closing the valve,and this time the valve can be opened by inserting the card.
    The valve is automatic shut off when no balance and valve reopened by re-debited card,
    Accurate measure due to anti-jamming and magnetic features based on non-magnetic sample patents technology,
    Humanized operation interface in English,LCD Display, easy operate and easy control.

    More details please Click the Technical file download,

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    Distance learning course:  We support technical surport through Internet Remote Video, you can know what to do and how to do. 
    Part Replacement,


    System include below parts:

    1) Main part:  Intelligent water meter,see the attached file of the right of the product picture,
    2) Accessaries:Mifare one card, Card reader/writter,Software

    Part Name Picture Note
    Intelligent water meter        Download technical file
    Mifare card  
    Card reader/writter  



    Prepaid water meter Specifications:

    Size: DN15 ,DN20, and DN25,           DN25 price is always higher approx 6USD than other size.
    Material: Brass or Plastic PPO,          Plastic price is lower approx 8USD/pc than brass,
    Medium: Cold water or Hot water,    Cold water price is lower approx 2.5USD/pc than hot water,




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