IC prepaid motorized ball valve

  • Product Abstract:

  • Intelligent IC card valve for centre heating system
  • Model:TOFINE-CWX15Q

  • Product Description



    1. Prepaid to get the service.
    2. Comprehensive administration of information, simple operation, network supporting.
    3. Two working patterns: Energy saving pattern, Ordinary pattern.
    4. The surplus time of hot supply can be check at any time.
    5. Contact type, Non-contact type.
    6. To use a card to control the household system.
    7. Advanced encryption technology of user card, good performance of forgery-proof, safe and reliable of data protection.
    8. Charge rate according to local price, the precision of control is one minute.

    (2) Basic Functions
    1. Conditions demonstration.
    2. Automatic on/off operation.
    3. Insufficiency surplus fee report.
    4. Data printing.
    5. Information inquiry.
    6. One card to control multi valves.

    (3) Working Pattern
    1. Working pattern can be divided into energy saving pattern and ordinary pattern.
    2. The supplier can be easy control.

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