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CTF electric actuator

  • Product Abstract:

  • Match 2-way or 3-way ball valve or butterfly valve in size 11/4"~5", ISO5211 mounting pad.
  • Price:98~200USD
  • Model:CTF010

  • Product Description


    CTF010 actuator can provide fail-safe function,only 2 wires to control it.

    ISO5211 mount pad,

    Match ball valve or butterfly valves.


    Product Highlights:

    ² Small/compact dimension and light weight:only 1/4 of traditional actuators,

    ² High performance/price ratio

    ² Alloy shell,whole metal gear design,reliable quality and super torque

    ² Manual over-ride is easy and convenient,with open/close indicator 


    Standard Features:

    v Output torque:100Nm

    v Working pressure:0~1.6Mpa

    v Working current:500mA

    v Power: alternating current 14W

    v Ambient temperature:0~60 centigrade

    v Opening/Closing time:18-25 seconds

    v Enclosure:IP67


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