Brewery automated valve

  • Product Abstract:

  • 2-way Mini electric ball valve in 1/2",3/4",1" Home brewery diy,
  • Price:29~39USD/pc
  • Model:TOFINE-CWX15Q

  • Product Description


    Size:1/2 inch (15mm),3/4",1"

    Voltage:low 5~24V AC/DC,high 85~265V AC


    Open/close time:3-5 seconds.

    Working pressure:1.0Mpa,150psi,10bar

    Medium temperature:100C,212F (Anti-high temperature)

    Wiring:2-5 wires.


    Stainless valve body with food grade seal and IP67 enclosure is also available,please contact us for  different price.



    Bigger smooth orifice than solenoid valves,

    Anti high temperature,212F(100C)

    Best economic alternative to solenoid valves,particularly when solenoid valves can not work reliably.

    Small&compact design,very suitable for small equipement.

    Long serving life:100000 times.

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