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3-way motorized stainless L type ball valve

  • Product Abstract:

  • 3-way motorized ball valve, L type,Horizontal type, Stainless steel 304
  • Price:55~69USD
  • Model:TOFINE-THA100T

  • Product Description

    3-way motorized ball valve also named three way electric ball valve,TOFINE-THA100T Motorized 3 port flow control ball valves.

    Good quality deserves your trust,TOFINE-THA100T has been exporting to USA,Canada,Australia,Swden and other countries and more and more popular with automatic treatment suppliers worldwide.

    No leak

    Whole metal gear,extremelly long serving life.

    High protection class P67 Enclosure (NEMA 6 equivalent),all the actuators are fully sealed to IP67 specifications to prevent water ingress.

    Stainless steel 304

    L type(L bore),  T type(T-bore) is also available,

    Horizontal type

    1/2",3/4",1" BSP or NPT thread connection


    We have other 3-way motorized ball valve in Brass T type,more info please contact Amy by Email address: sales@flow-controls.com




    How to control the 3-way Stainless steel motorized ball valves?
    Attached is the wirings for TOFINE 3-way valves,you could select the one you want,
    2-wire CR2 01  DC12V,DC24V,
    2-wire CR2 02  AC/DC9-35V,AC/DC110-230V, Auto-return function, if you need auto-return function with signal feedback please select 5-wire CR5 02
    3-wire CR3 03  AC/DC24V.AC/DC12V
    4-wire CR4 01  AC110-230V
    5-wire CR5 01, DC12V/DC24V,With signal feedback
    5-wire CR5 02, AC/DC9-35V,AC110-230V (Auto-return with signal feedback)

    7-wire CR7 03, CR7 04 (AC110-230V) With signal feedback)

    What is the Flow direction of L port 3-way Stainless steel Motorized ball valve?

    What is the weight for 1pc 3-way Stainless steel motorized ball valves?
    Let us take 3/4" for example,1pc 3/4" valve weights 1.006KG.

    Other details please contact Amy by Email address: sales@flow-controls.com,TOFINE FLOW CONTROL,www.flow-controls.com

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